Water treatment and regulation

For targeted changes in water quality

Pressure regulator for water

Water treatment means: A targeted change in water quality. In this context, a distinction is made between whether substances are removed from the water or added to it. Water treatment is an essential step in the production of drinking water for human consumption.

There are different methods to remove substances from the water. There are different methods to remove substances from the water. These include cleaning, disinfecting or sterilising, de-ironing, demanganising, softening or desalting the water. Sterilising and disinfecting means removing living microorganisms and their resting stages from the water. During de-ironing and demanganising, the metal compounds iron and manganese are removed from the water. During softening, the alkaline-earth cations dissolved in the water, calcium and magnesium, are removed. Drinking and process water is obtained by reducing the salt content of seawater. Various processes are used to remove salts and minerals from the water.

Substances can be added to the water or specific parameters can be defined to prepare the water. By this we mean the dosing and adjusting of the pH value, dissolved ions and conductivity.

We treat water by filtering it. RIEGLER back flush filters filter your drinking and process water. Be it well water, process or cooling water for continuous cooling. The built-in filter cartridge removes foreign particles such as rust particles, chips, sand and hemp residues. This protects your water pipes and the connected water-bearing system components. It also effectively prevents premature corrosion and malfunctions.

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