Pressure and temperature measurment

Manometry and thermometers

Pressure gauges and thermometers are suitable for various applications requiring pressure and temperature measuring. But what exactly is pressure? Pressure (p) indicates the force (F) exerted on a surface (A): p = F/A There is positive and negative pressure. When the force is applied to an object, this is called positive pressure. When the object is pulled rather than pushed, negative pressure occurs.

You can measure the pressure with pressure gauges. They are also called manometers. Pressure gauges utilise the force of the pressure. The measured pressure differences can be displayed by means of a pointer, for example. There are three different pressure types: Absolute pressure, relative pressure and differential pressure. The absolute pressure is measured in a vacuum. The relative pressure is in relation to the ambient pressure, i.e. the atmospheric air pressure. The differential pressure represents the difference between two pressures.

In mechanical pressure measurement, the pressure is displayed by various Bourdon tube, diaphragm or capsule pressure gauges. Depending on the application, vibrations can distort the scale value and impair readability. The glycerine filling in glycerine pressure gauges serves as shock absorption for the moving parts inside the housing. In order to record the pressure and also the pressure change during electronic pressure measuring, a sensor is necessary which records the aforementioned pressure and pressure change and converts the values repeatedly into an electrical signal.

The temperature is a physical quantity. Therefore, a temperature scale based on physical laws with a clear zero point must exist for temperature measurement. The temperature can be measured using two different methods: Contact and non-contact temperature measurement. Contact temperature measurement is done by means of thermometers or temperature sensors. For this type of measurement, you need sufficient heat conduction between the measured object and sensor.

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