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Pneumatic cylinders

Round cylinders, rodless drives

Pneumatic cylinders are drive units that convert the energy of compressed air into mechanical energy. Pneumatic cylinders generally perform linear movements. Cylinders require a special gear in order to carry out rotating and pivoting movements. The piston rod or magnetic frictional connection to the parts to be moved transfer the movement of the piston. Pneumatic cylinders are also called compressed air cylinders or simply air cylinders.

RIEGLER piston rod cylinders are manufactured according to various ISO standards and are available in single-acting or double-acting versions. The incoming compressed air moves the piston rod in the cylinder. The piston rod then carries out the power transmission. When the compressed air is released, single-acting cylinders return to their initial position by means of a spring. Double-acting cylinders are controlled exclusively by compressed air. This means: By adding compressed air, the piston rod performs its first movement. The piston rod returns to its starting position when compressed air is supplied a second time. This offers the advantage of operating the piston rod with the full force of compressed air when extending or retracting it. At the same time, the cylinder can fulfil an additional function.

Piston rod-free cylinders perform linear movements without a piston rod. These type of cylinders are also called “linear drives”. They can be used as simple drives or as drives with guides. Apply a force to the rotor attached to the cylinder. The relatively short installation length and the identical forces in both directions of movement are two of the advantages of piston rod-free cylinders.

Additional features: All functions of pneumatic drives are described using so-called circuit symbols. Cylinders are suitable for filtered, non-lubricated or lubricated compressed air. Due to the compressibility of compressed air, the piston rod may extend in an undesired jerky manner. Use throttle check valves with supply air throttle or discharge throttle to prevent this so-called “stick-slip phenomenon”.

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