Noise damping

Silencers and hearing protection

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As the name suggests, this refers to the dampening of noise with specific devices and/or measures. We offer two different types of sound absorption. These include silencers as well as various hearing protection components.

SSilencers reduce the noise level caused by compressed air and also create a healthier working environment. In particular, silencers can significantly reduce the exhaust air noise from valves. However, the use of silencers does not automatically reduce exhaust air noise to a safe level. Check with each application whether further noise-reducing measures are necessary. We offer the right solutions for every application.

Protect your hearing from loud noises and prevent acoustic trauma. We offer three types of hearing protection. Ear protectors provide a consistently low contact pressure due to their elastic headband. The effective silencer provides good protection for your ears. These hearing protectors are light as a feather and their soft, non-intrusive ear plugs ensure high wearing comfort. We also supply ear plugs (ear protection plugs) made of slowly reshaping polyurethane foam. Their light and even contact pressure ensures good insulation and optimum comfort. They are also environmentally-friendly: PUR foam is good for the environment as it does not contain any toxic heavy metals. Earmuffs look like headphones and cover the entire ear. They are ideally suited for high noise pollution and offer effective protection against medium- and high-frequency noise. The wide, soft padded headband ensures good weight distribution. The two-point suspension provides light pressure. Additional wearing comfort is provided by soft, liquid-filled sealing pads. All these properties enable comfortable long-term wear.

Minimise the risk of noise-induced illness with our hearing protection solutions. They will help to increase the performance of your employees.

In our online shop, we offer a complete range of noise-reducing products to help you reduce noise levels in the workplace and protect your employees’ hearing:
  • Silencer made of plastic
  • Silencer made of stainless steel
  • Silencer made of aluminium
  • Silencer made of sintered bronze
  • Silencer made of Vyon
  • Silencer with spring adjustment
  • High-performance silencer
  • Accessories for silencer
  • Ear protector
  • Earplugs and Earmuffs
Silencers made of plastic, sintered bronze, stainless steel und vyon