Measuring technology

Measuring systems and methods

Physical quantities are determined using measurement instruments or methods. Certain fields of measurement technology focus on developing measurement systems and methods. The recording, simulation and adjustment of measurement deviations and undesired effects are also within their area of responsibility. Measurement instruments are adjusted and calibrated and measurements are checked for consistent conditions.

Two fundamental aspects of optimising costs and energy consumption in the compressed air segment are the recording and measurement of compressed air consumption. Unfortunately, many users still do not measure the consumption and thus the energy requirement for generating and processing compressed air. Pressure measurement technology is the data basis for evaluating altitude and pressure differences in the compressed air system and for controlling and regulating the compressors. Ensure the quality of your compressed air and optimise compressed air processing using pressure measurement technology.

Leak detector, Flowmeter, differential pressure flow meter

Another important aspect of measurement technology is the detection of leaks in compressed air and gas systems. Leaks result in high but avoidable costs. Even a small, hidden opening can cause enormous costs in the long run. When gases or compressed air are released, this causes noises that are inaudible to the human ear. With our ultrasonic leak detectors, the smallest leaks can be reliably located from a distance of several metres. They convert the inaudible signals into a frequency that can be detected visually on a display as well as acoustically using the supplied soundproof headphones. The advantage: Measurements can be performed during operation. You avoid unwanted downtimes and save costs.

Example: A hole of only 3 mm in a compressed air line (operating pressure 6 bar) results in an air loss of 11.1 litres per second.

Your advantages of ultrasonic measurement technology at a glance:
  • Short amortization time of the instrument due to high cost savings
  • Simple and fast measurement, from a distance of several meters
  • No impairment due to loud background noises
  • Measurements during operation
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