Hose and pipe connectors

For extension, branching or repair of lines

Tube fittings plastic, bite-type tube fittings
Hose connectors:

As their name suggests, they are used to connect hoses or pipes. Insert hose connectors into the ends of each hose and secure them with hose clamps or hose clips. They are used for extending, branching or repairing hose lines. They also ensure a tight connection. However, this connection is not flexible and cannot be removed. Use hose connectors or pipe connectors only where a permanent and fixed connection is required.

Hose screw connections:

A number of our hose screw connection products is made of impact-resistant, UV-stabilised engineering plastic and has high weather resistance. These products also have good chemical resistance to petrol, diesel oil, heating oil and alkalis. However, they are not suitable for use with acids. For application with acids, we offer hose screw connections made of polypropylene. They are chemically resistant to almost all inorganic acids and bases, even at high concentrations and temperatures up to 90°C. You require a hose screw connection with the same resistance as PTFE but significantly higher strength values? We recommend our hose screw connections made of perfluoralkoxy. This is a fluoroplastic suitable for temperatures up to 200°C.

Quick-action screw connections:

They are used for the installation of plastic hoses and provide a simple and quick connection. In addition to all common quick-action screw connections, we also offer special stainless steel screw connections without seals. They are suitable for aggressive media and high temperatures. This series of screw connections is suitable for applications with high requirements on tightness, pressure and temperature.

Push-in fittings

The easiest way to connect hoses and pipes is by using push-in fittings. Both the plugging and unplugging of the hose is simple and can be repeated multiple times. Some push-in fittings are available with drinking water, DVGW, KTW, FDA or NSF approval. Others are suitable for use with aggressive media and in corrosive external environments. One of our push-in fitting series offers you the highest degree of flexibility: The conical sealing thread is compatible with both conical and cylindrical threads. A variety of thread types (BSPP, BSPT, NPT, NPTF, PT, PF) according to the standards ISO 7.1 and ISO 228 are compatible with this series. Complete sealing is also guaranteed on uneven surfaces such as inclined, concave or convex surfaces and on surfaces with different radii and chamfers.

Push-in_fittings blue series, blue series mini, click clock series
Bite-type tube fittings:

They are suitable for applications with higher pressure. Bite-type fittings consist of a housing, coupling nut and one or two cutting rings. The cutting ring has a sharp edge and thus engages in the surface of the hose or pipe. This creates a firm support. The nose of the cutting ring has two functions: It engages in the hose or pipe and also serves as a sealing component. If a cutting ring fitting has two cutting rings, the rear one engages in the hose or pipe and the front one provides sealing.

All hose and pipe connectors are available in a variety of sizes and designs: As straight connectors, in L-, T-, V-, Y-, cross or angle design. Their materials are as diverse as their designs: POM, PA, PP, PFA, bright brass, nickel-plated brass, aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel

In our online shop, you will find the right hose and pipe connectors for your application, together with a suitable release tool and sliding grease.