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Engineering, assemblies and cylinder service

Individual service unit

Service units or service systems protect pneumatic applications from water and dirt. In addition, they ensure the correct pressure in the system immediately before use. The components thus have a longer service life and are trouble-free.

Individual service unit
Control box made of stainless steel

Control box made of stainless steel

According to customer requirements, finished pneumatic control box with stainless steel housing and the main components 4/3-way hand lever valve, pressure controller, 3/2-way control valve, ejector and glycerine pressure gauge.

Pneumatic control cabinet

Electro-pneumatic controls for a barrel pumping system. Designed for the supply of air and control of various pneumatic cylinders, including barrel venting function. All pressures are set via pressure controllers in the control cabinet and displayed on pressure gauges inside and outside.

Pneumatic control cabinet
Cylinder and valve Units

Cylinder and valve units

We put together completely assembled cylinder and valve units from our comprehensive assortment. This includes plug fittings, screw fittings and hoses as well as custom parts, e.g. holders, brackets or mounting plates for valve fastening on cylinders, that we design and build according as requested.

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RIEGLER cylinder service

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We make it possible! Do you need a fast cylinder replacement, sample cylinder or a small series?

  • Piston diameter 32 – 125 mm
  • Pneumatic standard cylinder 15552 in profile frame design
  • Stroke 25 - 1500 mm in millimetre steps
  • with piston rod made of chrome-plated steel
  • with TPU seals for temperature range -20°C – +80°C
  • with magnetic piston

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