Distributors separate liquids and gases or combine them.

Distributors separate liquids and gases or combine them. They are used for pneumatic, hydraulic and water circuits. Install RIEGLER distributors in machines and systems. They are available in the following materials: Brass bright, brass nickel-plated, aluminium and plastic. Thanks to the different designs, you can be sure to find the right distributor in our online shop. Our distributors are available as twofold, threefold and fivefold versions, as ceiling brackets or for wall mounting.

In addition to the standard distributors and distributor pieces, we also offer distributor strips with integrated ball valves. They distribute and block compressed air in complex machines or systems. Distribution strips are always used when switching off individual control circuits is required. They can be used in pressure ranges from vacuum to 10 bar. The actuation angle of the integrated ball valves is 90°. The slot in the spindle indicates the respective position. It can be changed using a screwdriver.

Distributor sockets can be used as end distributor sockets or as through junction boxes. You can choose between up to three connection options and two thread sizes for the input thread. For the continued flow of the medium, you can optionally obtain a through thread. All distributor sockets have a robust brass threaded insert for high tightening torques. RIEGLER distributor sockets are TÜV-certified. Distributor sockets can be used for universal compressed air applications.

Individually extendable brass distributor pieces complement our range. They can be used as compressed air extraction points with two, three or four outlets each. They can also transport and remove other neutral, non-toxic gases or liquids.

In our online shop you are sure to find the right distributor for your pneumatic or hydraulic applications, heating systems or domestic water supply:
  • Distributors made of brass, brass nickel-plated
  • Distributors made of aluminium and plastic
  • L screw-in distributor
  • T screw-in distributor
  • T distributor
  • Cross distributor
  • 2-fold distributor
  • 3-fold distributor
  • Distributor with multiple connections
  • Distributor strip
  • Distributor strip with integrated ball valve
  • Distributor strip with multiple outlets
  • End distributor socket
  • Through junction box
Distributor, distributor blocks, porting boxes