Hose couplings

Compressed air and pneumatic coupling, safety coupling, industrial coupling

Hose couplings consist of two components – the coupling socket and plug. They are the ideal interface to safely and quickly connect or disconnect the flow of gaseous or liquid media in pipes. This enables efficient and reliable connecting and replacing of systems, units, devices and their applications. The series and design of a coupling depend on the medium conveyed in the hose and on the pressure ratio. Couplings are used to convey air, water, oil, acid or various gases.

Couplings have various designations. They are called compressed air couplings or pneumatic couplings, quick couplings, hose couplings and quick-connect couplings. When selecting a coupling you should consider the following quality characteristics: Long-lasting tightness, Flow, Safety.

Our couplings are available with NBR seals, FKM seals or EPDM seals. The permissible flow depends on the nominal size and the valve technology inside the coupling. The nominal diameter is the free inside diameter of a coupling or a plug. Aerodynamically shaped valves guarantee low pressure loss. This reduces your energy consumption and saves costs.

Our product range contains quick-connect couplings locking on one or both sides with NW 2.7 to NW 19, captive couplings in various sizes and hydraulic couplings according to ISO. Our safety couplings are available as a hinge model, rotary model and pushbutton model and as a combination of sliding valve and quick disconnect coupling. RIEGLER couplings are available with a flow rate of up to 8,700 l/min and with plug profiles according to EURO, ARO210 and ISO 6150 C.

The variety of materials ranges from bright brass and nickel-plated brass to various types of stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, steel and zinc die-cast. It goes without saying that we also offer matching plug-in connectors and nipples for all of our couplings.

The RIEGLER online shop offers you everything you need for coupling and uncoupling. See for yourself:
  • Standard coupling
  • Robust coupling (high performance coupling)
  • Safety couplings
  • Captive coupling
  • Hydraulic coupling
  • Industrial coupling
  • GEKA coupling
  • KAMLOK hose coupling (lever arm coupling))
  • Storz coupling (fire hose coupling)
  • Compressed air distributor »Multi-Link«
  • Vibration damper
  • Plug-in connector
  • Plug-in nipple
  • Plug-in nipple with check valve
  • Plug-in nipple for hose
  • Plug-in nipple, push-in
Compressed air distributor system »Multi-Link«, KAMLOK hose coupling