Control and way valves

Whether operated manually, mechanically, pneumatically or electropneumatically, we have the right valve.

Way valve, control valve, mainfold base

Control valves and way valves release the flow of the medium used, block or change the flow direction. They control the direction of the volume flow, i.e. the extension direction of a cylinder and the travel length of the stroke via start/stop commands. A valve’s designation is determined by the number of connections per switching position and the number of switching positions. A 5/2-way valve has five connections and two switching positions, for example. Our product range includes manually, mechanically, pneumatically and electropneumatically operated valves in 3/2-, 5/2- and 5/3-way versions.

In manually operated valves, the way valves are operated using a pushbutton, manual lever, rotating handle, palm button or foot switch. Stems or roller levers actuate mechanical way valves. Pneumatic cylinders are frequently used to directly control mechanically actuated valves. This reduces the number of interfaces and possible sources of error. If the valves are switched exclusively via compressed air, this is referred to as pneumatically operated way valves. Electropneumatic way valves require an electrical signal. An electromagnet is actuated and initiates the switching of the way valve.

Regardless of the actuation type, way valves are available in monostable and bistable versions. A monostable design means that one of two or more possible states is stable. The state in question is idle. The second state is in working position. This means that an external force is applied to the system, preventing it from returning to the idle position. This state is maintained as long as the external force is applied to the system. If a way valve is bistable, this means that the system can assume two stable states. However, it can only switch to the other state if an external force is applied. The states should be assumed for the same parameter values.

Small but powerful. Our miniature valves offer the same functions as our standard valves. However, they require considerably less space and are ideally suited for tight spaces.

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