Compressed air system


Aluminium pipes, porting boxes, end stops for pipe connections

The »speedfit« compressed air duct system is ideal for conveying compressed air and liquids. It is quick and easy to install. You do not require any tools, but can fasten and remove connections with ease. You do not require any additional sealing material for the installation. The compressed air duct system is manufactured according to BSX 5750 Part I, ISO 9001, EN 29001. This system is characterised by its outstanding flow properties and wide range of products.

Do you want to know the easiest way to install the system? Initially, attach the wall brackets only to the horizontal pipes. Pressurise the system and check for leaks. Only then do you attach the vertical wall brackets and compressed air outlets. This ensures that the vertical pipes are not at an angle. If the compressed air duct system is to be installed around a post, please allow for an appropriate distance between wall and distributor. We recommend a wall distance of 30 cm. Please allow for a minimum distance of approx. 10 cm between connector and wall bracket (pipe clip). If the piping is planned over larger distances, fit an expansion loop every 25 metres. We recommend always using a water separator in compressed air ducts. This way the condensation water collects at a specific point and the pipes are protected.

We have compiled several important installation instructions for you: Attach the pipe clips in such a way that you have sufficient clearance to move the pipe back and forth. Make sure there is no ridge at the pipe ends. This prevents damage to the O-rings of the connectors. Provide the pipes with bevelling to reduce the insertion forces. Cut the pipes only with the pipe cutters provided for this purpose. Always insert the tubes into the connector up to the stop. This prevents pressure losses in the system.

You will find all the products for quick and easy installation of the compressed air duct system »speedfit« in our online shop:
  • Plastic pipe
  • Aluminium pipe
  • Air distributor box
  • Pipe clip
  • Water separator
  • Push-in fitting
  • End stops for pipe connection
  • Release aid
  • Collet cover
  • Collet locking clip
  • Pipe cutter
  • Pipe shear
Pipe clips, water trap tees, plastic pipe cutter