Are you looking for compressed air accessories or compressed air tools? You’ve come to the right place!

Air guns are used to blow out and clean any objects and machines. Cleaned compressed air should be used for this purpose. Our air guns with safety nozzle allow you to apply compressed air at just the right spot. They also reduce noise, save energy and thus costs. RIEGLER liquid guns, cleaning guns and spray guns not only clean with compressed air, but also with water, cleaning agents, cold cleaners, spray oils and solvents.

Tyre gauges are used to inflate various tyres. They are available in different variants: With quick connector, valve connector, garage plug, with rigid or swivelling hose, in a standard or pistol design.

You are always on the safe side with our industrial adhesives and technical sprays. Non-labelled adhesives for sensitive production environments, for screw locking or for bonding passive materials such as stainless steel or aluminium. They feature good bonding strength and result in shorter assembly times. Our adhesives have a high chemical resistance after hardening and are partially resistant to high temperatures. They do not irritate eyes or mucous membranes and are ideally suited in terms of occupational safety. Some adhesives do not require an activator for pretreatment. This means they do not harm your health or the environment with additional solvents. RIEGLER technical sprays activate passive surfaces, accelerate hardening, clean, maintain, remove rust, act as a contact spray and protect against external influences.

Blow gun, Handheld tyre gauge, Industrial adhesives

Here’s some tips how to use your air gun more efficiently:
Optimise your workspace. Only use hoses that are long enough so that your workstation is easily accessible. Why? The longer the hose, the higher the pressure loss. Pay attention to the hose diameter. Use the correct hose diameter and reduce the pressure loss. Do not make any changes to the design. Install only couplings and sleeves that are required, and choose the hose length necessary to reach your workspace. This allows you to work both efficiently and comfortably. When using connectors, choose the correct size. This saves you energy, space, materials and costs. Now all you need to do is measure your flow pressure and adjust it, together with the system pressure, to suit your air gun and application. Maintain your compressed air system at regular intervals. Check for leaks, and empty and clean your filters. This will increase your productivity, save energy and consequently reduce costs.

Visit our online shop. We offer a wide range of products for any application:
  • Air gun made of aluminium
  • Air gun made of plastic
  • High performance air gun
  • Air gun holder
  • Bleeder valve
  • Spray gun
  • Compressed air gun
  • Liquid gun
  • Cleaning gun
  • Handheld tyre gauge
  • Hose clamp
  • Hose clip
  • Clamping jaw clamp
  • Hinge pin clamp
  • RSGU pipe clamp
  • Sealing ring
  • PTFE seal belt
  • Pipe thread sealing tape
  • Cable tie
  • Repair stick
  • Industrial adhesive
  • Technical spray
  • Supply unit with SchuKo socket
  • Supply unit with CEE-shaped socket and compressed air connection