RIEGLER Premium program

More selection is not possible. Eight product areas, more than seven hundred printed pages compressed air preparation, distribution and application. With the most important technical information and binding gross prices. Everything you can expect from a classic on the market and everything also online for you.

Service units
Be it for compressed air preparation, pressure control or cleaning: You will find the right solution here.

Cylinders and
control valves

Round, standard, compact and short-stroke cylinder, directional and check valves make pressure usable.

Screw joints and connection parts
You will find a broad range of connecting and assembly material here.

Pressure and temperature measurement
Manometer, thermometer and accessories: Always the right solution.

Vacuum technology
Vacuum components reliably generate negative pressure: Everything for your vacuum application.

Hoses and accessories
Piping safely and reliable conducts liquid and gaseous media – to where they are needed.

Valves and shut-off devices
They check gaseous and liquid media quickly and reliably. Broad range of sizes available.

Hose couplings
From standard couplings to specific solutions. Suitable for gaseous and liquid media.

RIEGLER SAFETY – Surely a good choice!

Benefit from our unique safety concept RIEGLER safety. When it comes to industrial safety, accident prevention and compressed air efficiency, this special range provides exclusively safety-relevant and energy-efficient compressed air components on the basis of all relevant laws and regulations.

  • More than one million accidents at work in Germany
  • And 100,000 of them in connection with compressed air
  • Various laws and regulations on industrial safety and accident prevention
  • Includes the most important products for accident prevention and safety at work
  • With many energy conservation products
  • incl. legal bases and regulations.

RIEGLER AirSentials – Clearly better than just good

Selected and tests series pneumatics made for Germany at highly attractive prices. With uncompromisingly good quality and available ex warehouse.


  • Products proven a million times
  • Global replacement part supply
  • Personal, reliable and competent care
  • Product continuity
  • Process reliability


  • Supply-chain-management for
    fastest access
  • Warehouses in Italy and Germany
  • Closeness to customers through an extensive sales network


  • High-volume production at
    various locations
  • Professional procurement
  • Lean organisation