RIEGLER – And you can rely on that!

This statements stands not only for our range of compressed-air technology and pneumatic components – one of the most comprehensive on the German market,
by the way – but also for RIEGLER as an employer.

Our 125 employees appreciate the fair, friendly atmosphere, the short paths and the
flat hierarchies as much as the various voluntary benefits and the extensive social benefits that the management offers. That is why RIEGLER employees like to stay
with the company and help shape the long-term success and image of the company.


We are deeply convinced that happy, motivated employees are a guarantee for lasting corporate success and for safe,
future-oriented jobs.

So RIEGLER places special value on the initial, advanced and further training of its employees. We offer different training professions and university places within the scope of a dual course of studies at the DHBW Stuttgart and promote our employees in their individual advanced training, be it with seminars, courses or higher professional qualification within the scope of advancement or certification seminars offered by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Do you want to become a member of the RIELGER team?
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Are you looking for interesting, exciting tasks and challenges in a friendly environment?

Then apply for one of the openings listed below. We also gladly accept unsolicited applications for a job that meets your expectations.
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We train for these jobs

Management assistants in wholesale and foreign trade buy goods of all kinds from manufacturers or suppliers and sell them to commerce, trade and industry. They ensure cost-effective stock keeping and smooth flow of goods, i.e., they monitor the logistics chain, check goods receipt as well as stocks, reorder goods and plan the shipment of goods.

Experience report of Carolin Vöhringer:
My name is Carolin Vöhringer, and I have started to train as a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade at the company RIEGLER on 1 September 2011. During the first weeks of training I was working at our goods receiving department. I had the opportunity to get to know our products there, to touch them and find out how they work. During my three-year training, I have been in all departments of our company. I was allowed to handle responsible tasks and to actively support the departments.

Business administrators for office communications take on secretarial and management assistant tasks. They coordinate appointments, prepare meetings before and process the correspondence. They additionally carry out business tasks in fields like accounting, personnel management or purchasing as well as also in the field of sales.

Experience report of Jasmin Dommer:
I always wanted to do something in business and work in an office. One of the reasons I started my training to be a business administrator for office communications at RIEGLER was because the company has a very good reputation as an employer. During my training, I went through all departments at RIEGLER and was able to get to know the different work processes of the departments very well. My training was reduced to 2.5 years and I am now working in the sales department at my request. I am very happy to be at RIEGLER.

Warehouse logistics specialists accept goods, inspect them and store them properly. The put together shipments and tours, load and send goods. They are also involved in the optimization of logistics processes.

Experience report of Serhan Öner:
I started my training at RIEGLER as warehouse logistics specialist because I really enjoy working at the warehouse. During my training, I went through all RIEGLER logistics departments. I got to know the work processes of the departments mailing, order picking, assembly and goods receiving and will take on different activities in the logistics department after I have completed my training.

Warehouse operators accept goods and store them properly. They put together shipments for mailing or forward the goods to the appropriate points in the plant. This training lasts 2 years.

The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Stuttgart with more than 7,000 students is one of the largest universities in the Stuttgart and Upper Neckar regions. The concept for success of the DHBW Stuttgart is based on the close interleaving of theory and practice within the scope of a dual degree program. The individual semesters are held in a constant three-month cycle changing between theoretical phases at the university and practical professional phases at the company or social institutions.

Experience report of DHBW students:
Dual curriculum at the DHBW Stuttgart Business Administration. Degree: Bachelor of Arts. The DHBW students at RIEGLER go through all areas of the company during their practical modules. Of course, always in terms of their degree course (business). In the individual departments, they are assigned with activities from day-to-day business but also with independent projects. All students at RIEGLER have their individual contact person (mentor) to assist them with help and advice during the entire time of the studies. “I get the best of care at the company RIEGLER during my studies,” Sabrina Müller (DHBW student).

Further training

We at RIEGLER set great value upon the on-going qualification and further training of our employees. We ensure this with seminars, courses of instruction and further training on the one hand and through the support during the gaining of a higher degree, such as e.g. business economist, commercial specialist or the certified foreman in logistics services, on the other hand.


We regularly offer young people the possibility to complete a voluntary or school-organised traineeship at our company.
This is possible in the commercial as well as trade sector (warehouse and logistics). Just contact us at jobs@riegler.de

Final papers

Are you a student taking courses in the field of business administration and are you interested in writing your final paper here at our company? Then send a comprehensive application with a brief description of your preferred subject area at jobs@riegler.de

Holiday jobs

We offer holiday jobs at our logistics department during the summer holidays. If you are interested, please send your application no later than on March 15 of the respective calendar year to jobs@riegler.de